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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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honoring new england crew members lost at sea in the middle of a hurricane as search teams continue to hunt for survivors. a messy morning, a water main break causes havoc in a neighborhood. it's cleaned up. the weather is beautiful around here, how much longer could this last? back in court, aaron hernandez says his double out. clean up is underway. a water main break flooded the
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and the water coming you have to the wheels on some of the cars there. the water has receded. >> i'm kathynicole is life. >> reporter: the noise you hear is one residents and shop owners will hear for sometime longer, if you look, you can see crews have quite a bit of work to do here on prince street in the north end after a entire area. like riffs of flowing water, gallons rushed down prince in boston's north end. that was just after 6:00 a.m., in front of is century old bakery. fortunately, not the case. crumbled asphalt is just the beginning of the story only
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everywhere. >> reporter: patrick mandosa was if route to his restaurant when the break happened. couldn't believe. >> we have pumpkins and flowers and they are all the way down at the top of prince street. >> reporter: work crews arrived, turned off the water, the would be could begin. repairing all that is broken and flooded. >> the water in the basement was 4 feet high. >> reporter: he is the landlord, waiting for puddles to dry and service to be restored. >> reporter: this entire building that you are seeing live now has no water, water has been shut off and has been for sometime, the restaurant here of course will be closed for the remainder of the day, the owner is unsure when they will re-open. we got a quick update from crew
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whose works that's they hope to have water restored by 5:00 this evening, the road repaired sometime after that, certainly, a lengthy process they hope to have completed by the end of the day. nicole jacobs, wbz news. this noon , the search continues for survivors from a quartergo ship lost at sea in the middle of hurricane joaquin. they are holding out hope of finding the crew include manage with ties to new england. >> reporter: 7 members had ties to new england, two graduated from the massachusetts maritime academy. that's where they held a moment of silence. the chance of survival, though, diminishes. at the massachusetts maritime academy, the day started with a
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reminder of how little time could be left for the el crew. the cadets performed their usual pomp and circumstance. the ntsb will announce an independent investigation to learn what events led them to the current position. three miles below the ocean surface. what happened, why it happened, ultimately to prevent this from happening again. >> reporter: all that's been recover second a damaged lifeboat, debris and a body of one crew member. keith and jeff, said the men on board from massachusetts, griffin's wife is pregnant with twins. all their friends and family can do now is hope. >> i believe if there is
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anything that we will sea peace. >> reporter: and pray, despite impossible odds. >> i wish the tragedy never haunted a single soul. i know sometimes life breaks your heart. >> reporter: we have learned it went adrift because of mechanical issues. the captain tried to reroute, but was unable to because of conditions created by hurt wayne joaquin. aaron hernandez is set to go on trial for a double murder in boston. defense team arguing that evidence should be thrown out. they will also argue that the whole case should be dismissed. prosecutors argue hernandez killed daniel and fer tato in the south end after an altercation in the south end. hernandez is serving life behind bars in connection with
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a separate case, the murder of loyd. it is shaping up to a turn around. we are getting awesome weather out there. a live look over boston. not a cloud in the sky, sun is shining. it was hiding all last week. >> this morning, it's nice to see the temperatures on the up and up. barry burbank is here. >> we had 30s in some of the suburbs, now up to 63 in boston. the air is nice and dry, the wind has flipped in to a sea breeze. the breeze coming in from the ocean. most places, not much winds at all. albany, most in the 60s. high spot here, 66, seems to be the hot spot at pittsburgh. not many clouds, a few scattered clouds you saw in the recents report from suzie on the live shot to the north, clouds up across the northern mountains, cape cod, overall it is very nice in deed as we
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continue to watch, there goes joaquin, out in the atlantic, continuing to put big waves on the new england coastline. shall sunshine this afternoon. up to near 68 degrees. see you in a few minutes. now, the skies are clear in south carolina, the dang isn't over yet. historic rainfall has caused a lot of damage in columbia. neighborhoods flooded, dams preached. a thousand residents forced to evacuate. 16 deaths are being blamed on the stormy weather. we are learning more about the pilot that died in the middle of a flight to boston. michael johnson was at the controls of the american airlines flight when he passed away. the plane was heading from phoenix to boston when it had to make an emergency landing in syracuse new york. the family believes he suffered
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>> as far as we knew, perfect health when he left yesterday, he seemed fine, he said he would spend the last week couple of weeks work ing on losing weight, lost 10 pounds, said i feel better than i felt in a long time. >> his wife find comfort knowing he died doing what he was passionate about. the former mbta boss won't join the national transportation board because of family reasons. the president nominated her in july. scott resigned in april over criticism about the response to the winter delays and cancellations. service is suspended on amtrak after a rockslide caused a train to derail, 7 people were hurt when the train came off the tracks near mount pill ier. this is called a freak of nature.
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ntsb is investigating. today on beacon hill, lawmakers take on hands-free drive progress postals, there are several on the table, which would require drivers to use the headset or blue tooth device. one would carry a fine for first offenders and up to $500 fines for third time violaters. all new eng states with the exception of massachusetts and rhode island have hands-free devices on the books. a law enforcement officials says a 26 year old gunman left a manifesto about not having a girlfriend and others saying he was crazy. some students and teachers are back on campus at umpqua for grief counseling. a funeral is underway for sergeant christopher vars, his body was returned to
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decades after he went missing in action. in the korean war, his remains were among several discovered in a mass grey near a prisoner of war camp in the 90s. army forensic experts suspected it was him but dna didn't confirm it until this past july. mcdonald ald lynch, the 4 year old boy has passed away from a rare disease. he came here hoping to get a double lung transplant but boston childrens hospital couldn't do it. his family posted a picture on facebook, his mother, father and sister all holding hands, as he died. they said our little boy is with the angels, he fought so hard, heaven is lucky to have him. learn more on our website, cbs a delicate rescue mission in new hampshire to save a 9 year old boy who got stuck in a tree.
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he got his leg caught between the branches yesterday. he used the saw and didn't work, crews used the jaws of life to free him, he was treated for minor injuries. coming up, a boston based fantasy sports site on defensive amid inside information scandal. the latest power ball winner comes forward, what she is planning to do with all that money. a wild animal causing concerns in a legal community,
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fantasy sports scandal. >> kings and rifle are defending sites after allegations that one employee used inside information to win a big jackpot. the new york times reports a draft kings employee admitted to inned a never at the present timely re -- inadvertently releasing sensitive data. he won 350,000 dollars at the rival site. the companies temporarily banned employees from playing on line fantasy sports. unwelcomed vis to on the streets of lawrence.
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several residents reported seeing a coyote there, spotted prowling. this was posted to twitter. animal control are asking neighbors to keep pets indoors and keep a cover on their trash cans. new at noon, the win owe telephone $310 million powerball jackpot has finally come forward. not me. >> julie leech from michigan purchased the ticket hours before the drawing on he way to work -- her way to work. >> i was having a bad night at work, went to mcdonald's for lunch, i thought i might as well check the numbers while i'm waiting for lunch. that's when i realized that i was the winner. i couldn't believe it. i had to go back to work and get verified from a couple of other co-workers. >> she went back to her overnight shift, to her co- workers to get the numbers, once over to make sure she was the winner and says she quit her job as a factory supervisor
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and plans to use the money to buy land and build homes for herself and her children. the lunch sum payout is $140 million after taxes. >> good for you, julie. i love that story. she is having lunch, had a bad day. >> did she get all day breakfast at mcdonald's? >> she can probably buy the mcdonald's. own the franchise. >> that was the fist lottery tick she ever purchased. i don't know about that. wouldn't that be something? anyway, it's nice weather. i think we won the lottery. we have won the lottery for the afternoon, the weather lottery. a beautiful day coming up, nice out there now, sunshine, no reason to say it's going to a beautiful afternoon, as the temperatures continue to rise in to the upper 60s, now, we are in the low to middle 60s in most locations with the sunshine. it wasn't that way this morning, look at the morning
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lows, norwood 32. bedford 36. beverly 37. the airports are in the valley location, that's why they radiate out well, these are the lowest temperatures around. they recovered by almost as much as 30 degrees from the morning low, all in the 60s now, boston, for the next several hours, going through the night, up to 66, 68 in some spots, 2 or 3:00, going down, this evening 58, overnight, partly cloudy, not going to be as cold tonight as it was last night, city will be down to the low to middle 50s, suburbs down in the 40s, not too many 30s for tonight. the lows, mostly 40s, few lower 50s, with the clouds here, it's not going to be as colds and tomorrow should be a little bit warmer than today in the lower 70s. 72, should do it in many place, a breeze switching in to the west, north west as cold front moves through here. for tonight, clouds to start to stream in here, we will call it
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partly cloudy, we will have varying amounts of clouds and the afternoon as a cold front sweeps through, not producing rain. a nice day. thursday nice and sunny as well. we have still beautiful weather coming up. there goes joaquin in the ocean, here comes the weak weather front, producing clouds. high pressure building in after that, beautiful weather on thursday. this comes along with showers along friday, may slow down and secondary low may cause a little bit of rain in extreme southern new england on saturday. we do know what keen is in the atlantic, here is boston there, 665 miles to the southwest, of new finland out to sea. the warmest day of the week is tomorrow. cools off for thursday. back to 62, we will be up to the middle 60s on friday with showers likely, most likely in the afternoon. few northwest of boston.
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many areas nice on saturday except southern new england, a little bit of rain could fall. most of the upcoming holiday weekend should be nice. that's the forecast for now. adding greens to your diet is an easy way to make dinner healthier. we have an interesting pick that's simple to make. we are serving it up. >> brings back memories for me, first can i give you tip? >> sure. >> story time. little bit on the bitter side incredible. that's what they look like in the pan. quick tip, you want to make sure nice and green all the way around. little bit of purple could be okay. in the refrigerator right away. greens grow wild, many different areas, i remember growing up, i know you head
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this story before, my father carried plastic bags back to the car. cut the greens and put them in the bags. my friend would says what are you doing eating weeds? i was like noes they are dandelion greens. >> always make sure you thoroughly wash dandelion greens. make sure they are clean. when it comes to preparation, i had anchovys, i multiply them in oil. nice flavor going on before i put the greens in with the oil, and the garlic. before we serve it. i will remove the garlic. here? this is going to brighten all this up and add acidity. you really want to make sure you don't just taste bitter, we are going for the full flavor.
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>> it's so good. >> ist simple to make, delicious. great for you. thank you. dad will be proud. tell your grand pas my dad. who knew. >> i had no idea. forget the burgers, a restaurant is going all in on breakfast. >> a recall for a popular cereals what you need to know
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duncan doughnuts franchise owner is apologizing for a message on a coffee cup. the worker wrote black lives matter on the cup. messages like that only increase tension. a massive recall is underway for the popular cereal cherios. >> some boxes might not be gluten-free as advertised. general mills says wheat flour was added to the cereal by mistake, creates a problem for
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general mill recalled 1.8 mill million boxes of cherios and honey nut cherios. go to our website, cbs . the day is finally here, mcdonald's now serving up breakfast all day long with fast food giant made the switch after request from customers. >> they say it was the numb one complaint mcdonald's hopes the new breakfast will help slumping sales out. we will see how that goes. love breakfast. still ahead, move over for moose. >> thought one but two an --
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i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help.
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call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens. we make it easier. a father and son saw this. take a look. >> lobbed in a fite, it's the height of moose mating season, the two bull moose for fighting
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see you here tomorrow morning
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